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2nd Floor Mission Building Khaliq Nagar Near Youhanabad 54762 Lahore Pakistan

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Mobile-no: 0092 304 780 0419
WhatsApp: 0092 304 917 8000

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    One Vision Society Headquarters in Lahore

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    1. What are some Christian NGOs operating in Pakistan?

    • One Vision Society is a prominent Christian non-profit organization operating in Pakistan. We are dedicated to empowering underprivileged individuals and communities through various initiatives.

    2. How do Christian NGOs provide aid and support to communities in Pakistan?

    • One Vision Society provides aid and support through a holistic approach, including access to education, healthcare, and basic necessities. We work closely with local communities, addressing their specific needs and developing sustainable solutions.

    3. What are the main focuses of Christian nonprofits in Pakistan?

    • The main focuses of One Vision Society include basic education, healthcare, youth and children development, and both manmade and natural disaster relief. We aim to uplift underprivileged communities by providing essential resources and support.

    4. Are there any Christian relief organizations specifically helping persecuted Christians in Pakistan?

    • One Vision Society extends its support to persecuted Christians in Pakistan through various programs aimed at addressing their specific needs and challenges.

    5. How can I get involved with a Christian NGO in Pakistan as a volunteer or donor?

    • You can get involved with One Vision Society as a volunteer or donor by reaching out to us through our website at or by emailing us at Your support can make a significant impact on the lives of those in need.

    6. Are there any success stories or notable achievements of Christian NGOs in Pakistan?

    • One Vision Society has numerous success stories, including providing scholarships to students from low-income families, organizing successful medical camps and health awareness sessions, and effectively responding to disasters by providing emergency aid to affected communities.

    7. What challenges do Christian NGOs face while operating in Pakistan?

    • Christian NGOs in Pakistan, including One Vision Society, may face challenges related to cultural differences, religious diversity, and fundraising. However, our commitment to our mission drives us to overcome these challenges and continue our impactful work.

    8. Do Christian NGOs collaborate with other non-religious or interfaith organizations in Pakistan?

    • One Vision Society actively collaborates with various non-religious and interfaith organizations to maximize the impact of our initiatives. We believe in fostering unity and working together for the greater good.

    9. Are there any government regulations or restrictions on the operations of Christian NGOs in Pakistan?

    • Like all NGOs, One Vision Society operates within the legal framework of Pakistan. We comply with government regulations and work transparently to ensure the success and sustainability of our programs.

    10. How do Christian NGOs ensure transparency and accountability in their work?

    • One Vision Society prioritizes transparency and accountability. We regularly update our supporters on our projects, financials, and impact. Additionally, our commitment to ethical practices is evident in our adherence to legal regulations and industry standards.
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