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Our Churches National-wide

We have 12 Church Branches in different cities and states of Pakistan


Headquarters - Independent Evangelical Church Ministries, Khaliq Nagar near Youhanabad Lahore.

Lahore Cantt.

Independent Evangelical Church Ministries, Mehfooz Pure near Harbanspura Lahore Cantt.


Independent Evangelical Church Ministries, Iqbal Town Islamabad Express Highway, Islamabad


Independent Evangelical Church Ministries, Fouji Camp near Dhak Karla Khan Rawalpindi

Quetta 4 Branches

Independent Evangelical Church Ministries, Quetta Cantt. Samungli PAF Base, Nawa Kili and Quetta City


Independent Evangelical Church Ministries, Rasool Nagar near Peshawar Cantt. Peshawar.


Independent Evangelical Church Ministries, Rawalpindi


Independent Evangelical Church Ministries, Shiekhpura


Independent Evangelical Church Ministries, Mardan

One Vision Society (OVS) is an NGO dedicated to promoting church development and building a strong pastors network in Pakistan under the name Independent Evangelical Ministries. Our mission is to support the spiritual growth and well-being of Christians in Pakistan, especially those in remote and underserved areas.

Pakistan is a predominantly Muslim country, and Christians are a minority, comprising only 1.6% of the population. Christians in Pakistan face numerous challenges, including discrimination, persecution, and limited access to resources and support. In this context, the role of the church and its leaders is crucial in providing spiritual guidance, support, and community for Pakistani Christians.

Through our work, OVS seeks to promote the growth and development of churches in Pakistan, especially in rural and remote areas where Christian communities may be isolated and underserved. We support pastors and church leaders through training, mentoring, and networking opportunities, helping them to build stronger and more effective ministries.

One of our key initiatives is the development of a pastors network, bringing together church leaders from across Pakistan to share ideas, resources, and support. The network provides a platform for pastors to connect with one another, collaborate on ministry projects, and access training and resources to help them better serve their communities.

Additionally, we are open to provide Legal covering to the un registered churches by providing all legal documents and take them under our church umbrella.  

Clear Water Project in Pakistan

Clear Water Project in Pakistan

The Looming Water Crisis: Water Contamination in Pakistan and its Deadly Consequences Water is essential for life, and its quality has a direct impact on human health. Unfortunately, in many areas of Pakistan, the water crisis is reaching alarming proportions. The contamination of water sources in Pakistan has become a…
by | November 8, 2023
Jaranwala Incident – Christian NGOS working for minorities in pakistan

Jaranwala Incident – Christian NGOS working for minorities in pakistan

Jaranwala Incident – Christian NGOS Working For Minorities In Pakistan In a deeply troubling incident, the town of Jaranwala in Pakistan's Faisalabad district was marred by violence on a recent Wednesday. A violent mob, numbering in the hundreds, rampaged through the town, ransacking and setting fire to five churches, attacking…
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Who distribute free Bibles in Pakistan

Who distribute free Bibles in Pakistan

One Vision Society (OVS) is a non-profit organization that has a mission to promote Christianity throughout Pakistan. Our goal is to ensure that disadvantaged communities in Pakistan have the necessary support and resources to access the Gospel.To achieve this objective, OVS distributes free Urdu Bibles, considering that Urdu is the…
by | June 20, 2023
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