Top 50 Christians NGOs working in Pakistan

Christians NGOs in Pakistn


  1. One Vision Society
  2. Independent Church
  3. Pakistan Urdu Bible Project
  4. Smile Orphanage
  5. Caritas Pakistan
  6. Catholic Relief Services
  7. World Vision Pakistan
  8. The Salvation Army Pakistan
  9. Compassion International Pakistan
  10. Christian Aid Pakistan
  11. Maryknoll Pakistan
  12. Diocese of Peshawar Development and Relief Organization
  13. Association for Women’s Awareness and Rural Development
  14. Society for Human Development and Community Services
  15. Good Samaritan Ministries Pakistan
  16. Lahore Diocesan Social Service Society
  17. Pakistan Bible Society
  18. Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy
  19. Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund
  20. Shahwilayat Public Welfare Society
  21. Gospel for Pakistan
  22. Church World Service Pakistan/Afghanistan
  23. Pakistan Mission Society
  24. One Vision Society
  25. Rural Community Development Society
  26. Sindh Rural Support Organization
  27. Christian Rural Aid Network
  28. Community Uplift Program
  29. Mennonite Central Committee Pakistan
  30. National Commission for Justice and Peace
  31. Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum
  32. Pakistan Humanitarian Forum
  33. Pakistan Red Crescent Society
  34. World Emergency Relief Pakistan
  35. Jesuit Refugee Service Pakistan
  36. Human Development Foundation Pakistan
  37. Christian Children’s Fund of Canada
  38. Children’s Global Network Pakistan
  39. The Leprosy Mission Pakistan
  40. United Christian Hospital
  41. Green Rural Development Organization
  42. Youth Impact Pakistan
  43. Pakistan Youth Change Advocates
  44. Azat Foundation
  45. Independent Evangelical Ministries
  46. The Hunar Foundation
  47. Foundation for Social Change and Development
  48. Association for Gender Awareness and Human Empowerment
  49. Society for Empowering Human Resource
  50. National Rural Support Program 

These Christian NGOs work in various areas such as education, healthcare, disaster relief, poverty alleviation, and community development. They provide essential services to marginalized communities, including women, children, and religious minorities, and strive to improve their living conditions and access to basic services. Their work is crucial in promoting social justice and building a more equitable and inclusive society in Pakistan.

There are many other Christians NGOs working in Pakistan, if you know any of those please write the comment session below.

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9 thoughts on “Top 50 Christians NGOs working in Pakistan

    1. Hello i am Evenglist Usman from pakistan i work on sunday school service I contacted you so that you run us and you help us and our children and their studies along with Bible study should also help them.

  1. To the Director .
    From the Dirctor of COOM ( Christian Organisation for orphans in Malawi ).
    I understand that you are doing a very good work in your nation .
    Am greatly inviting you to work with COOM here in Malawi supporting needy orphans and Elderly people as people as well .This organisation is registered to the government and it has been given the right to be working here in Malawi. Please,we need you here in Malawi.
    Bishop Vincent Kibulo Mbewe.
    Executive Director .

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